Welcome to a page about Romanian Community Center of Sacramento, a non profit organization following California rules, being opened to everyone regardless of their religion, gender, nationality or ethnic origin.

Their Mission

The following are the purposes for which this Association has been formed:

  • to affirm the cultural Romanian values.
  • to present specific Romanian issues in front of the Sacramento authorities.
  • to open up communication between Romanians in Sacramento as well as with other similar organizations within USA.
  • to advise and aid the new comers in the area.
  • to teach Romanian language and culture among the young people.
  • to organize and support a Romanian newspaper, radio and TV programs for the Sacramento area.
  • to develop different community programs ( kindergarten, elderly care, nutritional programs, translation assistance, job search and career assistance, food and clothing collections and distribution to the needy, legal aid, counseling, library, etc.)
  • to provide information regarding the Romanian communities as well as information about local and federal governments of USA and Romania.

Their Goals

  • Unification and organization of Romanian people in the region
  • Participation in cultural events, such as concerts picnics and more
  • Provide help and guidance to new members seeking to start their life in USA
  • The organization of business resources for mutual benefits


  • 1. Arts & Culture Department
  • 2. Social Work Department
  • 3. Education & Science Department
  • 4. Health Department
  • 5. Public Relations Department